Registration for RARC Competition Three will open in March 2022.

Competition Three is a virtual robotics competition with video submissions.

Registration closes on April 19, 2022.

Competition Three videos must be submitted by 4:00PM CST on May 2, 2022.

There are no registration fees for RARC Competition Three!

There are five parts to the registration process:

  1. Register your school
    • Provide school and coach information
  2. Complete the team roster
    • Enter the names and grade levels of students participating. Groups are comprised of 3-6 students.
    • There are four divisions: Elementary, Grades 2-5 ( LEGO division); Middle School, Grades 6-8  ( LEGO division);Middle School (Parallax division-uses high school guidelines); High School, Grades  9-12 (Parallaxdivision).
    • Students cannot compete up for this competition, and must register in their grade level divisions.
  3. Coach/Adult release
    • All coaches need to complete this release form. Instructions for student release forms are below.
  4. Access guidelines
    • When guidelines are available, they can be accessed here on this site. They are password protected, and the password will be on your *Google roster.
  5. Register for access to CYBER.ORG’s Canvas site.
    • Videos will be uploaded and submitted on this site.
    • NOTE: If you already have access, you do not need to register again.

*Very important: Within 2 business days of completing registration (steps 1-3), you will receive a link through email to a Google spreadsheet of your roster. We will mark parent releases as we receive them. Please check this form and encourage parents to submit release forms.

Student Release Forms

All students participating in RARC and appearing in RARC video submissions, must have a signed 2021-2022 CONSENT, RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS AND AUTHORIZATION TO REPRODUCE PHYSICAL LIKENESS.

  • Instruct parents to go to the Parental Release tab above.
  • Parents/guardians will enter their email address to receive a secure link to the form. Check spam and junk mail folders
  • Parents will digitally complete the form.
  • We will indicate the release form has been received on the Google spreadsheet sent to the coach.