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2021-2022 RARC  Competition 1 Questions & Answers

Question 1: 

Division: Elementary

Are we required to use the specified colored blocks at the competition?

Answer 1:

The correct color pieces should be used during the actual filmed scoring round to assist the judges in scoring. Students may use a different color piece while practicing but should be aware of the correct color for the actual competition. All of the pieces can be found in the 11002 LEGO Classic set.

Question 2:

Division: Elementary

We are have two sizes of the circular pieces for task A. Should we use the flatter piece or can we use either?

Answer 2:

The 4×4 round piece for Task A is the same height as a standard LEGO brick and has 2 sets of four studs going in perpendicular directions. There are 4 of these pieces in the 11002 set and they are black in color.

Question 3:

Division: Parallax/High School

Can you update the link for the PVC Couplers? Home Depot changed their website.
Are they the same couplers that we’ve used in the past?

Answer 3:

Yes, they are the same couplers used in the past- 1 inch schedule 40. The link has been updated on the equipment page.

Question 4: 

Division: Elementary and Middle

We went through the instructions and we would like to inquire whether the car that is used has to be metal or could it be a LEGO car of the same size?

Answer 4:

Both elementary and middle school teams may NOT replace the metal car with a plastic or LEGO made car.

Question 5: 

Division: Elementary

On page 10 of the elementary guidelines, the missions for Task G  (+25 points) are exactly the same. Are they supposed to be different?

Answer 5:

Good catch! The two tasks should be different and are updated in the elementary guidelines.

Question 6: 

Division: Middle School

On page 9 of the middle school guidelines, the +16 pt  mission for Task B says that the fuel tanks should be delivered to the bottom white square. Is this correct?

Answer 6:

Thank you. The fuel tanks should be delivered to the top white square as indicated in the task. This has been corrected and updated in the middle school guidelines.

Question 7: 

Division: High  School

Task A has +15 points for collecting the ping pong ball from the coupler on D3. Will the points be awarded if the coupler is also collected with the ball?

Answer 7:

Yes, the team will receive 15 points if they collect the coupler with the ball. However, they will not receive the additional 15 points (score line below) for the coupler remaining in the original location on D3.

Question 8: 

Division: High  School

In order to do multiple tasks, will the programmer need to be at home base in order to upload the task program between tasks?

Answer 8:

This applies to the Parallax (middle school and high school) divisions only

There are no requirements for where participants are to be located during the round. There are however, touch penalties in place should a bot need to be retrieved while it is not at home base, whether it be for programming or other needs. Please also keep in mind that teams must use the same bot for the entire round and time does not stop during reprogramming, if necessary.