Who can compete in RARC?

The Regional Autonomous Robotics Circuit is open to students in grades 2-12. For RARC Sumo competition, the elementary division (grades 2-5) and middle school division (grades 6-8) may participate in the LEGO challenge. The Parallax challenge is geared towards the high school division (grades 9-12), but elementary and middle school teams may “compete up” as long as they use one of the approved Parallax platforms and follow all rules associated with the Parallax/high school division.

Participating students must register as a team with a minimum of three (3) and maximum of six (6) team members all within the same division. A minimum of three (3) team members is required to ensure that each team has the necessary support to participate in all aspects of the competition. Students may only compete on one team per competition.

Teams do not have to be affiliated with a public or private school. Homeschool and community organizations may also register teams as long as they meet the requirements outlined above.

How do teams register for the RARC competitions?”

Coaches must register online, Coaches will complete a registration form and a roster form with the names of the participating students. On the roster form, you will be asked to list your school/organization name. Please format your team name as school/organization + division + team number (example: Jones Elementary 1) and please provide the first and last names of all team members. It is understood that students may ask to change teams between now and the competition. We want to ensure that this flexibility is available to you and your students. However, if a student does switch teams, it will be the coach’s responsibility to ensure that the student knows his/her team number prior to the competition.

Is there a registration fee associated with the RARC?

Yes, there is a registration fee of $45 per team per competition. The registration fee offsets competition expenses such as team envelopes, wristbands, name badges, and handouts; signage; event day equipment and supplies; awards; and security.

Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Checks may be made payable to the Cyber Innovation Center and may be mailed to Cyber Innovation Center located at 6300 East Texas Street, Bossier City, Louisiana 71111.

What is the submission deadline?

The submission deadline for online registration forms, rosters, and registration fees is Friday, October 11, 2019. The information is needed in advance to develop the competition schedule, order supplies, coordinate logistics with the facility, and print materials.

Because team information needs to be submitted in advance, a $5 late fee will be charged to each team that does not submit its registration form, rosters, and fee by the submission deadline. No submissions will be accepted more than one week after registration deadline.

What items should teams bring to the competitions?

Below is a list of suggested items for teams to bring to the competitions.

  • Tennis shoes or non-scuff shoes
  • Extension cords and power strips
  • Robot(s)
  • Laptop
  • A copy of the team’s computer software (example: LEGO® MindStorms v2.0)
  • Extra batteries
  • Box to store/put the robot for protection and transportation

Who is allowed in the team preparation areas and competition areas?

There will be a team preparation area, also known as the “pit area,” where teams will be assigned tables with two teams per table. Team members must have their wristbands on in order to enter the team preparation area. Pit managers and the security guard will monitor who enters the team preparation area.

One adult team leader (an adult that is a teacher, coach, or other team volunteer) per every three teams from each elementary and middle school will also be allowed in the team preparation area. Elementary and middle school coaches will be asked to identify which adult team leaders will be in the team preparation area when the teams register. Those team leaders will receive a name badge and wristband so that they may enter the team preparation area. Coaches will not receive a name badge or wristband unless they are listed as the adult team leaders on the registration form.

Given the age and maturity of Parallax/high school team members, adult team leaders for Parallax/high school teams can observe the competition from the spectator area and will not have access to the team preparation area after opening ceremonies. Only elementary and middle school adult team leaders and designated RARC volunteers will be allowed in the team preparation area after opening ceremonies.

The role of the adult team leaders is to supervise the behavior of the students on their team(s) and to help the team(s) follow the competition schedule. The team leaders are responsible for ensuring that teams report to the competition area before the end of each round. The role of the adult is that of a facilitator and thus all work prior to and at the competitions should be the work of students and not adults. No adults are allowed to use team computers or to touch robotics equipment during the competition. Teams who receive adult assistance will be disqualified. Adult team leaders are not allowed in the competition area, but may observe from the spectator area.

Can cell phones be used during the competitions?

Cell phones may be used by both participants and spectators during the competition as long as they are not used to communicate about the competition tasks.

Are refreshments available and are food and drinks allowed in the team preparation area or competition areas?

Vending machines are available on campus.

Due to concerns from teams that spilled food and drinks can cause significant damage to expensive computers and equipment, team leaders and team members may not have food and/or drinks in the team preparation area or competition areas.

Teams are encouraged to eat a meal prior to the competition.