All Divisions

2019-2020 RARC South Louisiana “Marine Discoveries” Competition Mat

The elementary, middle, and Parallax/high school divisions for RARC South Louisiana will use the same Marine Discoveries competition mat.  The competition mats will be used for all RARC South Louisiana competitions during the 2019-2020 school year. Each vinyl mat measures 8ft x 4t. The mat is available through the Nasco website.

11002 LEGO Basic Brick Set (300 pieces)

We recommend one per mat. It is available at AmazonLEGOTarget, and WalMart.

*The Lego 10693 kit has been discontinued, but is still able to be used for competition purposes. There’s no need to buy a new kit if you already own the 10693 kit.*

One Star, 40 mm Regulation Size Ping Pong Balls

Available at Academy, Amazon, and Walmart,

Clue Holder

1 inch PVC Coupler available at Home Depot.

Parallax / High School Division

Boe-Bot Robot Kit

We recommend the Boe-Bot Serial Kit, available for purchase through the Parallax store.

Sheild-Bot with Arduino Kit

We recommend the Shield-Bot with Arduino Kit, available for purchase through the Parallax store.

QTI Line Follower Kit

QTI Line Follower Kit is available for purchase through the Parallax store.

Other sensors may be used if so desired. However, the robot must remain fully autonomous and within the size limits set forth in competition rules.

cyber:bot Robot Kit

We recommend the cyber:bot Robot Kit, available for purchase through the Parallax store.

Scotch tape

Scotch tape is available for purchase through Amazon.

Resource Simulator

Medium Binder Clips, available through Amazon.

Elementary & Middle School Divisions

LEGO EV3 Mindstorms

We recommend the LEGO EV3 Mindstorms Education Core Set..

LEGO EV3 Expansion Set (Optional)

While not necessary, teams can use the EV3 Expansion Set to build a more complex robot.