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2019-2020 RARC South Louisiana Competition 3 Questions

Question 1: Will the specific tasks and point values be given the day of the competition? The high school guidelines only give a description of a mystery task for Rounds 1 and 2 and only list points for bonus time and touch penalties.

Answer 1: Yes, all high school tasks are a mystery. Page 6 states: “Teams will be given a set of mystery tasks on the day of competition after the opening ceremony. All teams will receive the mystery tasks at the same time. It will then be up to your team to choose which mystery tasks to perform and program your robot to successfully complete the mystery tasks without any assistance from coaches or adult team leaders. These tasks will utilize skills that you have already used or could have used to successfully complete this year’s RARC competitions.” The scoring information will be included with the tasks.

Question 2: Do teams need to bring the weather monitoring equipment to the mat premade on competition day?

Answer 2: Yes, teams should bring the weather monitoring equipment to the mat premade on competition day. Please note the color of the LEGOs does not matter.