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2019-2020 RARC South Louisiana Competition 1 Questions

Question 1: How many 6 member teams can one school have?

Answer 1:Your school can have as many teams as you wish to register as long as all teams meet the following requirements:

  • minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 team members all within the same division, and
  • each student may only compete on one team per competition.

Question 2: Can middle school students use a Boe-Bot in the middle school division?

Answer 2: The middle school guidelines were written for the LEGO NXT or EV3 platform. We understand that the robotics platforms are a large investment so we do allow teams with Parallax platforms to compete up. Middle school teams compete in the Parallax/high school division using a Parallax platform and the high school guidelines. In North Louisiana last year, a middle school team triumphed over all the high school teams throughout the year!

Question 3: Can we choose to compete in certain competitions or do we have to compete in all of the competitions? Our school is interested in the spring opportunities only.

Answer 3: Teams can participate in one, two, or all three competitions. Participation in all three is not required.

Question 4: High school Task A requires teams to retrieve the coupler and decode the hexadecimal clue.  Where can I find resources for my students on how to convert the hexadecimal to ASCII?

Answer 4: Please see the resources and links under Task A on page 2 of the high school guidelines.

Question 5: For elementary Task A, the team must make a cube according to the specifications. We were able to make the cube with only four sections. Is this okay?

Answer 5: The guidelines state on Page 6: “The cube must be constructed according to the specifications, and the team must bring the correctly constructed cube to the competition mat. Before the round starts, the judge will measure the cube, and if it is correctly made, the judge will place a clue inside and then place the cube on the mat (green square marked as Task A on the image above). If the cube is not made correctly, the team will not receive building points, and a premade cube will be placed by the judges instead.” If the team wants building points, the team should construct the cube according to the specifications.

Question 6: For both elementary and middle school, the guidelines state Task A must be done first.  Can Task A be skipped?

Answer 6: If elementary and middle school teams choose to perform Task A, they must perform Task A first. If they choose not to perform Task A, the team captain should inform the judge they do not plan to perform Task A before starting the round. Teams may not change their mind and request to do Task A once the round begins.

Question 7: Is there a particular package of Astrobrights paper to be used?

Answer 7: As long as teams have the correct color cubes built according to the specifications, they will be able to use the cubes with which they practiced on competition day.

Question 8: For Task A, which color Astrobrights paper? Celestial Blue or Lunar Blue? Terra Green or Gamma Green? Solar Yellow or Sunburst Yellow?

Answer 8: For Task A, “the judge will place one piece of equipment (one of the team’s own constructed colored origami cubes: either red, yellow, green, or blue) on the green square marked as Task A on the mat image.” As long as your team has constructed the origami cube according to the instructions, your team’s cube will be used so the exact shade of blue is up to you.

Question 9: Can the origami cubes be constructed from colored card stock?

Answer 9: The guidelines state: “The cubes must be constructed according to the specifications, and the team must bring all four correctly constructed cubes to the competition mat. Prior to the start of the round, the judge will measure the cubes and if they are correctly built, the judge will randomly pick one cube and place it on the green square. If the cubes are not made correctly (including color), the team will not receive building points, and a premade cube will be placed by the judges instead.” If your team can build the cubes according to the specifications using colored card stock, then colored card stock can be used.